Tips To Speed Up Opera Browser – The Speed Booster Out There!

Tips To Speed Up Opera Browser – The Speed Booster Out There!

Opera browser is one of the browser that has enjoyed users patronage. The quest for it is traceable to its fast speed. But its speed is influence by its state of health. Regardless of the quality of your computer or speed of your internet connection, a slow browser will always make useless of any advantage on your system. Hence, great efforts must be taken to ensure that your browser is in perfect state. click here to visit the opera site

Probably, you are facing problem of slow opera browsing and you are searching for the way out; here are the tips I used to speed up my opera browser and increase my browsing experience tremendously.

Delete Unneeded and Duplicate plug-ins
Type opera:plug-ins in the address bar to display installed plug-ins. Open the file plugin-ignore.ini located in main directory and add the file name of the unneeded plug-ins to be deactivated.

Reduce the number of visited pages in the history to improve the startup time.
Opera has ability to store 500 websites you visited. Anytime you type any of this string in the address bar, the opera quickly bring out series of URL that fit it from the stored ones. This enable you to click and launch the URL quickly but it always delay startup times. You can clear the history by Clicking on Tool > preference >Advance > click history (from left menu ). Then, Click on clear or change the number of websites to store.

Always recreate your profile as you upgrade your opera version.
For instance, if you are using opera 6, the old opera 6.ini file will be always retain the new versions of the opera. This would mess up the ini. files and bring about high CPU usage and slow page loading. So, you need to close the opera and backup the file opera 6.ini in the profile folder of your opera installation and delete later. Restart the opera to create a new opera 6.ini file that is free of junk entries. For you not to lose personal information, use the preference to enter personal information and about.config for the later.

Disable name completion and local network lookup.
Opera always check your bookmark and local network for any type in the opera field. Server name completion also sorts for the prefixes and suffixes of such name automatically. This activity consume time and you can disable such activities.

To turn it off, Go to Tool > preference > Advance tab (click on network form the left menu) > click server completion option. Then, disable ‘book for local network machine and try name completion’.

Fix your window registry

After you have perform these operations stated above, no doubt your browser will improve in performance. For you to get maximum speed from your browser, you need to fix your window registry. Many people failed to know that good browser needs appropriate registry setting. From experience a corrupt window registry always make useless of a wonderful browser. So, you are implore to engage the services of registry cleaner to enable your opera browser perform effectively and efficiently.

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