Living THIS Life of Beauty and Abundance

“One thing I ask from the LORD,

this just do I look for: Glam4You

that I may stay in the place of the LORD

every one of an incredible times,

to look on the magnificence of the LORD

what’s more, to look for him in his sanctuary.”

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  • Psalm 27:4 (NIV)

“Elegance and harmony be yours in wealth through the information on God and of Jesus our Lord.”

  • 2 Peter 1:2 (NIV)

Magnificence is surrounding us, and it is there in wealth.

We could be pardoned, in any case, for not seeing what is obviously there, before our eyes, each and every snapshot of our reality. What’s more, since we may now and again not see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

Deciding to have faith in the magnificence, particularly when it isn’t evident, is the possibility of confidence that energizes bliss. Magnificence viewed causes this inborn satisfaction; a profound feeling of bounty of soul. Plenitude typifies and observes magnificence, while excellence is thankful for bounty’s profundity of thoroughness of honesty. In supporting one another, both magnificence and bounty increase each other’s dynamic quality.

Plenitude, of this view, isn’t just an idea of amount. As an idea it ascends into the domains of the idea of magnificence. Bounty is a prospering. It is all unavoidable, all appealing, all exemplifying. It is the hypothesis of muchness destroying the default condition of destruction.

Delight gushes in the spirit that encounters wealth and sees magnificence. They are surely there. They are undeniable states ever-present and blended inside the rationale of presence. Be that as it may, we should decide to understanding and see them. What’s more, that is confidence – the most nonsensical thing to any individual who basically should see and contact what they can’t. Dissatisfaction can be their solitary end!

It takes confidence to have faith in the liberality of God who showers us with wealth and magnificence all over the place. Also, what is the point to a real existence that never entirely ascends to such a stature? God calls to us day by day to rise excellence and bounty, making them otherworldly belongings by epitomizing trust.

We should have confidence in the great, and the intensity of that great to conquer outrage. It does us nothing more than trouble generally to deny the magnificence and wealth, for there is just depression and a vacuous dolour generally.

As we decide to abide in the place of the Lord, we look with wonder on His excellence in creation. Wherever we see Him at work in the common world we see the signs of nature that bear His workmanship.

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